Hard Hitters Muscle Beach Talk The Scene, Summer Plans

| July 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

The name Muscle Beach kind of sounds like the type of place most punk rockers would avoid should they happen to be visiting south Florida. But here in Denver, Muscle Beach is three dudes ripping through quick, thrashy punk songs (it’s almost like Propagandhi and The Bronx had a baby) that are starting to turn heads around town. Fresh off opening for Allout Helter’s cd release party at 3 Kings Tavern, you can catch them July 14 at Mutiny Information Café and later in the month at the epic and awesome Underground Music Showcase.

CMB: What is your take on the Denver punk scene right now?

MB: Well, just like every other part of Denver’s music scene, it’s growing and gaining traction with more bands and enthusiasm, and that’s awesome, there’s SO many great bands and wonderful people. But it’s always just been a community of people who do what they do because they want to, for themselves or for others. For us, we write the music we do because we want to have fun and want others to have fun with us. And yeah, we’re constantly learning more about music and how to make ours better, we just don’t really have an agenda or an image of ourselves, we just want to write loud, kickass music for people to share. Punk is punk. It’s evolved countless times over the years, and it’s whatever you want it to be. Who cares, haha. We’re just glad we’re surrounded by like-minded folks.

CMB: Give us the story of Muscle Beach.

MB: Roy and Derek used to play in a band called Dirty/Heavy back in the day and had a show at Old Curtis Street, which was actually with some current friends’ bands: Cult Of The Lost Cause and Fire Season. The other band on the bill was Justin’s old band The Greys Of Gold with his brother Tyler. We dug each other’s tunes a lot and hit it off that night. Eventually Dirty/Heavy broke up and Roy and Derek kept jamming in a friend’s garage. We needed a guitarist so Justin was the first dude we thought of. He came over, killed a 30 rack with us and we wrote a couple of songs, hahaha. Ever since then it’s been MAGIC.

CMB: So you’re pretty good at yo-yoing huh?

MB: Who told you that? Yo-yo’s are for dorks.

CMB: Looks like you’ve got some killer shows lined up. Any other goals for the rest of the year?

MB: We just recorded our first full length record with Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation), and it’s basically the best thing we’ve ever heard. It’s slated to come out late summer/early fall on basically every format through Sailor Records, so keep your ear to the ground for that. We’re also making a music video or two, which should be fun. And also a lengthy tour soon is in the works. Probably with U2 or Kanye West.

CMB: Anyone that you are dying to share the stage with?

MB: The Bronx, Kvelertak, Big Business, Mutoid Man, Daughters, Dillinger Escape Plan, Refused, Wild Throne again, A Wilhelm Scream, Melvins, Russian Circles. I dunno, a lot.

CMB: Where can we check out the tunes?

MB: Our bandcamp page has our first e.p we recorded with Todd Wilcox at Halogen Sound and a few singles we did with Chris Fogel at Black In Bluhm.

Online: musclebeachdenver.bandcamp.com


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