Guitar Center Product Reviews: Semi-Hollow Gibson Les Paul Special

| March 1, 2014 | 2 Comments


by Austin Day

It’s easy to say that one of the coolest guitars to be introduced after NAMM 2014 is the Semi-Hollow Gibson Les Paul Special. Yes, you read correctly, a SEMI-HOLLOW Les Paul! The mere sight of this Les Paul is enough to get any guitar enthusiasts full attention. The first luring feature of this fantastic new product from Gibson is the incredible three dimensional AAA flame maple top that has been hand finished with a ravishing nitro gloss caramel burst finish.

This semi-hollow tone beast not only features a distinctive appearance but also holds a set of killer Gibson USA pickups. When playing through the neck pickup you will be warmed by the modern characteristics of the Gibson ’57 classic. It delivers a very warm, yet punchy, full tone. When switching to the Gibson Super ’57 in the bridge you will immediately notice it produces a powerful tone with additional clarity. Gibson also added poly-coated wiring that removes all internal air space and any chance of micro phonic feedback. This is always nice to have with a semi-hollow guitar.

The final feature is the immaculate electronics system. The Semi-Hollow Les Paul gives you the ability to switch the humbucker pickups to single coil pickups! Simply pull up on the volume knob that correlates with the pickup that you are using and the pickup will be split into a single coil. On the bridge pickup you will notice a thinner tone with even more clarity than before. In the neck pickup you will lose some of the punch and warmth creating a “Strat-like” tone. The rest of this Les Paul features a mahogany body, mahogany neck, and granadillo fretboard. Granadillo is a straight-grained dense wood. Sonically granadillo is very close to rosewood. It is perfect for any player looking for that warm clean sound that has a smooth response even with all playing styles.

Overall it is easy to say that the new Semi-Hollow Les Paul Special will be a staple for any guitar player looking for a classic look with full modern tone. From the incredible grain, to the unique appearance, and diverse electronics system the 2014 Semi-Hollow Gibson Les Paul Special is sure to fill the void in any guitar player’s heart. If you are interested in playing a 2014 Semi-Hollow Gibson Les Paul Special feel free to stop into Guitar Center Arvada. I would be more than happy to get you plugged into an amp and playing on the newest guitar from Gibson!

Check out the guitar at the Guitar Center Arvada location.


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  1. Edwin says:

    Hi there… just to clarify,, are you talking about the 2014 Gibson Les Paul Special AAA Flame Top with F Hole Electric Guitar (only sold at GC) or the 2014 Gibson Les Paul Supreme Hollowbody Electric Guitar. I don’t know if you are really talking about the guitar in the pic.

  2. brian says:

    The Guitar in the picture is a Les Paul Custom Florentine. The Supreme Semi Hollow has no trim around the neck pickup.

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