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This year Boss released a new multi-effects pedal that truly stands above the rest in its price range.  The new Boss ME-80 has the traditional presets that most multi-effects pedals offer, but it also offers an option to use the built-in effects as stand-alone stomp boxes!  This allows you to choose and edit the effects on the fly!  This option is great for anyone who has had difficulty tweeking your effect settings in a live situation with other multi-effects.  The ME-80 offers a huge range of effects that are specific to other stand-alone stomp boxes, including the new Boss Tera Echo Delay.  Many of these stand-alone effect pedals sell for $150 each, so the ME-80 coming in at $299 offers a huge bang for the buck!

Another new feature that Boss is offering is the new “Boss Tone Central.”  This allows users to download signature artist effects, as well as create, edit, and share your own effects with other users!  This is a fabulous resource for users wanting to use more of their presets for fast transitions.  Tone wise, the ME-80 offers a huge variety.  The pedal allows for clean and mellow tones for jazz and fusion, as well as getting heavy enough for any metal player.  The ME-80 also features a 38 second phrase loop function in the delay bank, which allows users to work on new ideas, as well as create layers in their music.

The versatility of this pedal has really been surprising.  With nearly an endless amount of combination, this pedal is sure to fit the needs of anyone who chooses to use it. The ME-80 also features USB connectivity for storing and editing effects in Tone Central, as well as recording directly into your favorite DAW program.  If you are looking for a great multi-effects, I highly suggesting taking a look into this pedal.  I have been extremely pleased with the features, build and tone of this pedal, and I look forward to having a lot of fun with this pedal in the future!


Joel Zeiner – Accessories Department Manager – Guitar Center Fort Collins, CO

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