Fierce Bad Rabbit at the Aggie Theater

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by Hannah Lintner

Photo credit: Ryan Levander

Shatterproof, A. Tom Collins, and Fierce Bad Rabbit joined together at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins on July 14. Shatterproof, a young Fort Collins band, introduced the evening. They released their first album, Running in Circles, in January of 2012, and the band includes: Branson Hoog (vocals), Josh Schoenig (bass), Jeremy Marmor (guitar), Tj Wessel (violin), and Benjamin Spoliansky (drums). The addition of the violin in their music contributes a sense of sophistication to the emerging band. Shatterproof energized the crowd, who seemed eager to hear the group play their unforgettable tunes.

A. Tom Collins, of Denver Colorado, played second in the lineup. The five-piece band consists of: A.T Collins (piano and vocals), Andy Wild (sax), Robert Cole Sackett (trumpet and vocals), Franco Valentino (upright bass), and Alex Hebert (drums). Through their variety of brass instruments, and a fun, danceable stage presence, A. Tom Collins has captured a Tom Waits meets drunken ragtime feel. A few of Valentino’s bass rhythms combined with Herbert’s heavy drums induced memories of the festive ruckus of monkeys playing dance music in the old cartoon movie “The Jungle Book.” Sackett, on trumpet, stood front and center, quickly switching between playing his trumpet and singing. His raspy voice and cocky manner is absolutely entrancing to observe. The band’s ability to combine late-night jazz with edgy punk rock is a sound unfamiliar to the Fort Collins area. One would expect the band to be from New Orleans, rather than Denver. The way that they sing in unison at specific parts throughout the set adds some sort of organization to the chaotic late night bar mood that A. Tom Collins had perfected. Their only album, OH NO!, was released in 2011 and is labeled as “six songs of joy, frustration, and bad-advice for today’s youth.”

Fierce Bad Rabbit, the headlining band, is a classic Fort Collins favorite. Front man Chris Anderson, who contributes guitar, piano, and vocals, formed Fierce Bad Rabbit in the spring of 2009. He joined up with Alana Rolfe, a talented violist; bassist Dayton Hicks, and drummer Max Barcelow, to create a beautifully orchestrated project. The musicians are all multi-talented: Rolfe is the key player in Fort Collins Band Stella Luce, and Barcelow also does solo work as an acoustic blues guitar player and singer. The intelligent melodies and catchy lyrics allow the listener to completely lose themselves in Fierce Bad Rabbit’s brilliantly crafted songs. Anderson’s lyrics are filled with longing and love, which are combined elegantly with Rolfe’s enchanting viola. Rolfe adds her voice to Anderson’s, creating beautifully blended harmonic mix. Their soulful songs, filled with heavy hearts and the right amount of tension, possess a classical feel where simplicity can be found in complexity. The Aggie Theater crowd was eager to support their favorite local band; everyone danced and sang along to the familiar lyrics. Fierce Bad Rabbit recently completed a Midwest tour, and all three bands will be performing in the 2012 Bohemian Nights New West Fest in Fort Collins August 10-12.

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