Esme Patterson

| March 1, 2014 | 0 Comments


by Tim Wenger

Esme Patterson has made quite the name for herself, and her new release is another solid buckle in her trick belt. The founding member of Paper Bird drops her new album April 15, but it is already receiving acclaim in music press both radio and print. The album is a perfect representation of Colorado- the songs are upbeat and danceable with a hint of mountain twang, but indie enough to appeal to the masses and Patterson’s voice is undeniably unique.

The song that stands out the most on the record is “Never Chase a Man, an upbeat, danceable tune that is at times sarcastic and showcases Patterson’s strong vocal range throughout. The record is, overall, a very strong take on the fold-rock genre with songs that could fit the format for multiple radio stations across the front range and beyond.


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