EOTO Colorado Mountain Tour

| July 1, 2012 | 1 Comment

by Corey Blecha

I was crazy enough to take the trip up to the hills for EOTO’s Colorado Mountain Tour, which included shows at the Mishawaka and State Bridge Amphitheaters; two of our state’s finest outdoor venues, both nestled into the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Combining the sounds of EOTO and the scenery of these locations, provided for some great experiences, and with the band’s signature non-stop, jam-fusion improvisation performances, the weekend proved to be one of the best yet this summer!

Bringing their new “Lotus Stage” setup to both shows, EOTO dazzled the Colorado crowd with mind-bending visuals provided by VJ legend, Zebbler, and smooth and seemingly effortless musical transitions through every EDM genre under the sun. With Jason Hann’s catchy lyrics and drum beats looped, and skipped over, Michael Travis’ bass-laden synth lines, you have a sound that is truly unique. I am continually impressed by their ability to balance everything that is happening on stage, always with a near-superhuman level of concentration and focus throughout. After countless shows, and years of music performances and training, EOTO have established themselves as the most innovative live act out there, regardless of genre or production style. When you understand the other projects these guys take part in, from their superhero status with String Cheese Incident, to their side projects: working with everyone from Dr. Dre to Jamie Janover, you begin to realize that EOTO is simply a platform for these guys to experiment with all their various musical influences under one moniker, with numerous tools for their aural science project to take place.

Some people analyze their performances, and some people just dance, but regardless of how you enjoy the band, EOTO serves their purpose, which is to get people moving through relentless experimentation and improvisation, a skill that they seem to have mastered. You never know where these guys will pop up (they did a surprise late-night set at Colorado’s own Sonic Bloom just this past weekend), so keep your ears open and check out one or ten of their shows, because something this fresh never gets old!

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