Easy Star All-Stars to Romance Cervantes

| February 14, 2013 | 0 Comments


by Joel Center

While many consider February 14 to be one of the most romantic days of the year, some may object. While the majority of Denver’s citizens will enjoy candle-lit dinners and bedrooms on that lovely Thursday evening, Cervantes has something perhaps even more beautiful than that in store. Legendary dub reggae band the Easy Star All-Stars will be gracing our presence that evening, and they are celebrating something much more momentous than a mere Hallmark day of spending. Valentine’s Day 2013 represents the tenth-year anniversary of the All-Stars’ hit tribute “The Dub Side of the Moon.”

While seeing a band perform Pink Floyd’s epic masterpiece is certainly no rarity at the Masterpiece Ballroom and the Other Side, the Easy Star All-Stars’ representation is certainly not something to be taken as monotony. Much like our local and beloved party-pumpers the Motet, these artists have an uncanny ability to throw their own creative spin on and (dare I say it?) actually improve upon some classic tunes that always manage to excite that little soul in our ears. If you haven’t got a date – but especially if you do – hustle and groove on down to Cervantes for this year’s otherwise-boring February 14.


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