DREAMERS Speak About Summer Plans, Riot Fest

| May 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

DREAMERS. The name could not better describe the band. Self-described “cosmic rock” with imagery straight out of Tom Delonge’s playbook and music that is as upbeat and energetic as you’ll find anywhere in the indie rock sphere. Check out their music at the website listed below and catch them at Riot Fest August 2-30 here in Denver. Here is DREAMERS’ Nick Wold on their band’s story and where he’d like to see indie rock heading.

CMB: First things first. Give us the story of the band.

NW: Chris and I (Nick) grew up together in Seattle playing jazz and Nelson grew up in smalltown Maryland.  We all eventually ended up in Brooklyn pursuing rock music dreams and being part of that scene, playing in various bands and projects. Dreamers formed about a year ago after Chris’ and my previous band had split up, and we went through a long period of writing and ‘cocooning’.  Nelson joined and we finally had the team we had been waiting for.  It was a fresh start, a second draft, and everything started working.

CMB: How was the process of gaining traction in New York? Is the scene there very supportive, or have you guys felt that you’ve had to claw your way up?

NW: It was definitely a sort of clawing, scratching motion.  It was all a logical progression though, learning our instruments, writing tons and tons of music, building our amazing team, manager, booking agent, artist friends and collaborators etc.  After a while it all started really clicking.  Being in New York is certainly a grind, but being around so many motivated people is inspiring and fun. 

CMB: What direction do you see indie rock heading this year?

NW: I am certainly no soothsayer, and I think great honest music always prevails over genre trends, BUT to speculate I could see it getting bigger and harder, more grungy! 

CMB: Other than Riot Fest, what is DREAMERS up to this year?

NW: We are currently on a 3 month tour playing with rad and amazing bands such as Born Cages, Stone Temple Pilots and X Ambassadors.  As soon as we’re done we’ll be hitting the studio to record a ton of new music, and we have a whole season of great festivals coming up.  So stay tuned, much to come.

CMB: What is the best place to check out your tunes?

NW: The World Wide Web of course. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify or better yet, our very own cosmic domain dreamersuniverse.com, all dreamers are welcome.


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