Don Verse Breaking Into Hip Hop Scene with Old-School Style

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by Tim Wenger

Don Verse might be a new player in Denver’s hip hop market, but his style is straight old school. He brings catchy, if sometimes mellow, beats and layers them underneath his upbeat lyrics to create a rap sound that begs for the attention of true hip hop fans. Keeping his distance from the “trendy” over-produced nonsense that clogs the airwaves, Verse’s style is a much needed breath of fresh air in Denver.

“My whole life, I listened to music, it’s my escape route,” says Verse. “Music is one of the things that got me right spiritually.” Verse has been recording and promoting himself under his current moniker for about ten months, having recently stepped into the live performance market and headlining a gig at Herman’s Hideaway.

“I’ve started getting some pretty nice feedback,” says Verse. “I love to write. Getting comfortable behind the microphone, recording songs in the booth and the studio, that was one thing that I have the passion for.”

Don Verse is serious about his writing, and prefers to be in a state of mind where he can fully focus on the task at hand to create the best possible work. “I’ve always got my headphones on,” says Verse about how he gets motivated to write. “I won’t pick up a pen until I’m feeling it. It’s easy for people to get writer’s block, but one thing for me is, until I can put my all into a song, I won’t sit down to write one.”

Verse has been working with friend and manager Jake Dougherty, under the name Pawz Records, for the back-of-house business. The two have known each other for several years now. “We played football together in high school,” says Dougherty. “When (Verse) came back to town (from San Diego), I started to hear a little buzz that he was writing. I had actually been trying to get my company going, and it just so happened that he ended up being able to link up with me just after I signed my first artist. He ended up being my second artist.”

“Right now, I’m working on a second mixtape,” says Verse. “I’m also in the works of putting out an EP as well.” Exact dates for the releases have not been set. “I’m just really working hard, back to the lab with things, the writing process and getting all my beats.” The two hope for a summer release for the EP.

Check out his current record on Soundcloud. The new EP with be available at all major online retailers following its release.


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