Defining Yourself as an Artist

| October 1, 2014

By Kathy Beekman.

Kathy Beekman is a professional artist, author, and CREATE MSU Denver art business advisor.

Kathy Beekman is a professional artist, author, and CREATE MSU Denver art business advisor.

When someone meets you asks, “What do you do?” what it the answer that bursts from your lips?

If it is anything other than “I’m an artist,” then you’ve got work to do.

Knowing that you are an artist must be the first step in marketing your art. Defining who you are as an artist should be your first priority.

Understanding your passion and having it clearly defined in your mind will make it possible to write an artist statement or biography, both of which you will need to promote your art. It will also help you avoid embarrassment and awkwardness when you are asked about your artwork.  There is nothing worse than finding an artist who cannot clearly define their art. An artist should be able to explain what they do as clearly as a teacher, banker, or doctor can.

It is vital to exude an air of confidence about your art and yourself. Many art collectors don’t trust their own taste in art. When they come across something they think is wonderful, but accompanying it is an artist who puts themselves and their art down, the insecure public walks away.

It is okay to like your art, in fact, it is essential that you love each piece that you are willing to sell. If your art isn’t good enough for you, paint over it, smash it, melt it down or destroy it however you see fit.  Don’t let something unworthy of your talent or of you as an artist leave your studio. Once you follow this rule, you can hold your head high and scream form the rooftops that your art is fabulous.

Kathy Beekman is a professional artist, CREATE art business advisor, and author of the book, “Prosper, A Success Book for Artists.” Looking for more information on this topic?  Visit or

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