déCollage, Visions of a New Musical Horizon

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by Charlie Sullivan

Local avant-garde pop artist déCollage’s music will shoot you to the outer realms of the music spectrum, bring you back to earth, and blast you back into the outer realms in the blink of an eye. Writer and engineer Reed Fuchs’ (vocals, tongue synth, accordion, found sounds, and much more), music is an experimental backdrop that takes on a psychedelic flare, and through it the music manages to maintain a level of pop sensibility in the fashion of Brian Eno. The music is a conceptual and very cerebral art form. Fuchs’ intriguing pieces are an interesting concept in the way they manage to waver on the edge of experimentalism and yet keep you grounded and listening for the next little twist, much like Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.  

déCollage’s first album, ∞The Telos Amaranthine∞ unleashed on October 25, is a sonic palindrome of sorts. The first five tracks of the album play through with no breaks, and you find yourself drawn into a world of sound. And just as suddenly, you realize that the music is being played backwards. As track five ends, the first five tracks play in reverse through to track one. The concept is unique in itself, and amazingly, it’s a strangely melodic trip. Most songs on ∞TTA∞ have 180 instrument tracks that Fuchs laid down alone over a three-year period.

The follow-up album, Eccentripetal Force, will be a fragmented postmodern album. This adventure finds Fuchs expanding the groups sound, and for the first time, half the songs are co-written with various like-minded artists. The title track “;) (Semicolon Parenthesis)”, mixed at Snozberry Studios, is a hypnotic piece.

“The lead synth line is  (3.14),” says Fuchs, “broken down into musical midi data; creating swirling sacred geometric audio candy.”

The album has a planned 7/7/13 release date. Don’t be discouraged by the release date, the band’s releasing two music videos in December and an EP’s slated for 3/13/13.

déCollage’s music is a visual experience live. For the adventurous, live shows have a carnival atmosphere and are  more ‘dancy’ than the album experience. You might see someone in a Jellyfish costume on stilts with LED lighting walking across the stage, or artists sitting in with the band.

“We’ve done several shows with artists sitting in with us,” states Fuchs. “They paint what the music looks like, and we play what their paintings sound like, it’s wild.”

Where Fuchs’ studio recordings utilize different musicians sitting in and laying down new tracks, the live band has a set line-up of seven musicians to keep conformity in the live sets. You’ll find yourself immersed in music, poetry, and many other wonders when you journey through the doors for the live experience.

You don’t have to have eccentric tastes to appreciate what Fuchs music is all about. The music explores our fragmented post-modern world through metaphysics, surrealism, abstraction, and most of all the wonder of it all.

All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it. Jean Cocteau

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