Dearly Brothers– A Local Lad Making it Happen in Nashville

| August 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Charlie Sullivan

A while back, I turned you on to the righteous sounds of Orange Free State (I still throw their CD in). Sadly, the band went on hiatus nine months after the piece was published, as the two founding brothers had graduated from high school and journeyed down the path of higher education. All is not lost as older brother, Vian Zaymaan (vocals, piano), found himself in Nashville attending college.

“I was in a music class at school and we were given a project to record a song,” relays Zaymaan. “I teamed up with some of the guys in class–I had a song, “Starlit,”–we recorded it, and after the project I called everyone and said, Let’s start a band.’ The song was tracked in a bell tower. We moved a bunch of gear into the tower and we were playing by candle light,” conveys Zaymaan. “The lights were making noise and messing with the recording, so we shut them down.” Locals heard about the rehearsals, and it lead to some impromptu performances in the tower.  Word spread, and before you know it they’re playing the Nashville circuit.

Zaymaan has teamed up with Drake Morey (keys), Joseph Kenkel (guitar, harmonica), Phillip Englehart (electric guitar), Trevor Nikrant (bass), and Chris Worley (drums), creating some extremely worthy indie/folk pieces that are garnering the attention of the music industry. There are several offers on the table from indie record labels. Of note, the band was featured on a link from Coldplay’s website, which featured their official video for “Marble Floors,” a stellar piece filmed at the home of Ric Olsen (family friend of Englehart) formerly of Berlin (Pleasure Victim).

“We planned on filming the video at a mansion outside of Nashville, and at the last minute they canceled for a function of some sort,” explains Zaymann. “We had all the video crew and equipment lined up, we had dancers lined up, and weren’t sure what we were going to do, when Ric stepped up and offered his place for the shoot.” Vian’s brother, Hein (Orange Free State), is one of the dancers, and Hein’s girlfriend is the featured dancer, (check out the video on YouTube), nice job, boys. I especially like the burning of the piano at the song’s conclusion. It’s a powerful statement.

The crew also has a song featured in a movie produced by David Letterman, yes you read right. The name of the movie is “We Made This Movie.” And while all of this is going on around them, the outfit sneaks an EP into the mix, Us Against the Rain, along with a couple of singles. The band’s focus at this time is to complete an album they’ve been working on with producer, Tom Wasinger (who also produced Orange Free State). They have been in the studio three or four times a week to complete the project. Next will be a legit tour by summer 2013, along with their local Nashville gigs. Things are definitely looking up for these lads and their Denver connection. The music speaks for itself, big things are happening. Way to go, Vian and band mates!



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