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by: Darnell Teague and Jonathan McNaughton
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CMB: Who is D-Re’ll?

D-Re’ll: D-Re’ll is an artist, a producer and engineer. I wear multiple hats. All of my crafts have been self- taught. (Laughing)

CMB: What is your definition of hip-hop?

D-Re’ll: Good question. I believe hip-hop is not only a form of music, but it’s an artistic expression. Some people put words together in stories’, some create the visual of those words, and others create the music to interpret words. Hip-hop is a combination of all.

CMB: What inspired the Typhoon Re’ll Project?

D-Re’ll: Well, after my first project Highway Re’ll, I had to develop another. I had some songs recorded already, before I thought of the name of this project. Once other songs had been recorded, the name just made sense. It’s a lot calmer than my first project, which I produced all of the songs except one, that song I only co-produced. So if you take a typhoon literally, it’s just a Pacific Ocean hurricane. A hurricane comes in three parts: the energy and destruction, the eye of the storm where it’s calm and mellow, then hits the energy again. That is how I see this project #TheEyeoftheStorm. The next one project is going to be energy once again to complete the storm of D-Re’ll.

CMB: When did you first start making music? 
D-Re’ll: I started making music seriously when I was 13. I got good enough to play my music for people by 16. But I didn’t give it to the world until I was 19. It’s been a process.

CMB: Where did you grow up? 
D-Re’ll: In Aurora, Colorado, off of Mississippi and Peoria.

CMB: Why should people listen to your music?
D-Re’ll: People should listen to my music for two reasons: First, what I say in my music is witty, funny, and thought provoking. Second, the beats are going to be something you can’t say you’ve heard before. The feel of my music is familiar, but nothing you’ve heard before. True art expression, if I have to say so myself.

CMB: What does 2012 and the future hold for D-Re’ll?

D-Re’ll: Continued successs, I hope. To be able to touch people through my music, so they’re able to release from their situation or to be able to participate in life positively. Actually experience it, not just live through it. I also want to be able to build my brand of the Coldest In It with my partners, and to enjoy and live life off of my talents. That’s all I could ask for, and that’s all that I’m wanting #JediLife.




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  1. Trent Tally says:

    This is a good interview.. But his album was a little slow, and was hard to listen to.. It had no real lyrical content, and his lyrics are extremely predictable.. Colorado Hip Hop is still dead

    No matter how many times CMB puts local sub par artist up.. its still has no teeth

  2. Darnell Teague says:

    Do you really listen to hip-hop is my 1st question? an what do you compare Colorado music to?

    To say D-Re’ll has no lyrical content means you need to open your ears 1st, 2nd learn who the artist is an where his music is coming from, then maybe you might be able to listen to Colorado Music with a fresh perspective, cause from the East Coast and Down South an The West. D-Re’ll has had nothing but positive reviews and has close to 4k downloads.

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