Curci to Spend March on Tour

| March 1, 2015

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by Tim Wenger

Fort Collins hip hop artist Curci is headed back on tour this month alongside fellow artist Trizz. Becoming known for creating hip hop that is relatable across genre lines, this tour should help the artist continue to grow his following outside of Colorado. CMB spoke with Curci about the trip and his plans for the upcoming summer.

CMB: How did you get on this tour?

C: Trizz and I have been trying to plan a tour together for a couple months now. Whenever we would meet up in California or Colorado we would make plans to get it done, but there was a lot of trial and error. One day he called me out of the blue and told me that it was finally getting booked and would be called the “Reefer and Liters Tour.”

CMB: Anything special you’re going to drop on this tour? Any unique elements for the stage show?

C: I have quite a few things that will release while I’m on tour. The day that I fly into LA I have a Hollywood Freestyle with HipHopDX that will drop. Next I will have day in the life videos releasing as part of my “Curci Chronicles” webisodes. I also plan on recording for my next album, so possibly a single or two will release while on the road. On my last project “Forever Summer” I have a track where I sample ‘Miss You’ by The Rolling Stones and during my performance DJ Tico will be recreating the beat using the original sample.

CMB: How you balance tour life with home life? Is it hard to maintain a job/girlfriend/pay rent, etc?

C: Music is the only thing that I ever do, so it’s not really different from my daily life besides being away from where I reside. I plan on making more phone calls to maintain a healthy relationship with the people that are important.

CMB: What are your plans for the summer?

C: Hopefully travel more. I’m just trying to play shows, make music, and have fun.

CMB: What is the best spot to find you online?

C: as well as on Instagram @CurciMusic

Also these are my dates for March:
10: Seattle, WA “Barboza”
12: Spokane, WA “Checkerboard”
13: Albany, OR “Espolon”
14: Eureka, CA “Empire Lounge”
15: Redding, CA “Bombay Bar”
16: Tacoma, WA “El Patreos”
18: Salt Lake City, UT “Dawg Pound”
19: Boise, ID “The Crux”
22: Denver, CO “The Roxy”
25: Kansas City, MO “Riot Room”
27: Lawrence, KS “23rd St. Roadhouse”
29: Dallas, TX “Poor David’s Pub”

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