Curci- “Curci in Wonderland”

| July 5, 2012 | 1 Comment


Curci isn’t your average teenager. He also isn’t your average rapper, unless being a white boy from Fort Collins is how you picture hip hop. It’s easy to write rappers off, but he’s doing just fine and has nothing but room to grow.

He’s got an old-school sound, relying solely on his rhymes and backing beats, and says more about life’s deep issues than has even crossed the mind of most kids his age.

Suicide, girls, and the American Dream are just a few of the topics he touches on with this record, comprised of fifteen tracks (not your average demo). A definite pick up not just for his high school cohorts but for anyone who wants to keep up on the future of Colorado hip hop.


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  1. Taijza says:

    This boy has talent and has always worked his hardest to make his way up, and will soon be on the top where he belongs. I should know I was the subject of one of his songs. Love you kid, always will. Team Curci.

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