Crown the Empire @ the Summit

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by Max Giffin

photo courtesy of Facebook

Three days into the Take Action Tour with the Used and We Came as Romans, melodic metalcore band Crown the Empire played the Summit Music Hall in Denver, much to the delight of their newly acquired fan base. Crown the Empire is a band new to the scene, signing to Rise Records just last year. In November, they released their first full-length album, The Fallout, which instantly ignited their career.

The Fallout is catchy and theatrical. Vocalist Andrew Leo feels one of their strengths lie in “big booming choruses and a lot of stringed instruments.” The theatrical sound sets them apart from other post-hardcore bands giving their music a dynamic flair.  Crown The Empire’s goal is to “reach out to a broad fan base ” according to David Escamilla, the band’s second vocalist. Escamilla shares that the album “definitely exceeded [their] expectations… [They] had no idea it would do as good as it did.” Not only was the reception from the fans strong, The Fallout peaked on Billboard Heatseekers at #1- a huge accomplishment for a little band out of Texas.

At the show, Crown The Empire seemed just as excited as the fans. Before this tour they hadn’t had opportunities to play larger venues like the Summit. Their youthful energy showed when they took the stage. The band played their heart out. Music so heavily enhanced with electronic sounds and orchestra instruments is usually hard to recreate live, but Crown The Empire’s set was as rich as their recordings.  Denver fans jumped along, yelling the words as if the band was headlining.

The devotion of the fans and the band’s success can be attributed not only to their musical talent, but the band’s use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. “They’re the only reason we can even say we have a career right now. Brandon Hoover (guitarist) actually takes it upon himself to respond to every fan that ever speaks to him. He’s on there all day,” says Leo. Crown the Empire strongly feels this fan-to-band connection has led them to where they are, and say that fans continuously come up to them at shows because of it. While they’re getting bigger, they make it a point to talk to everybody.

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