Collective Soul

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by Darren McCarthy

Photo Credit: Ted Davis

Collective Soul successfully induced the feelings of nostalgia to their audience when they played to a full house at the Boulder Theater on June 20, 2012.They started the evening playing through their 1999 album Dosage. It’s been over a decade since the album came out, but the mainly middle-aged crowd didn’t miss a word as they sang and danced throughout the night. Front man Ed Roland had some moves of his own. He danced across the stage and flipped his microphone stand around. He even added some tambourine to the songs before tossing it into the audience halfway through their first set. The songs “Run” and “No More, No Less” were played perfectly, and the whole set sounded just as good, if not better than, the produced album.

After playing through Dosage, the five-man group took a short break before coming back on stage to play some more fan favorites. A few of the songs they played were “Better Now,” “Gel,” and one they say is a personal favorite, “Forgiveness.” Halfway through their second set, they played a melody of “Private Eyes,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Sweet Dreams,” and their song “Hollywood” complete with an ‘80s drum solo. The band’s laid-back attitude was refreshing. They finished their set with “The World I Know.”

The audience clearly loved the show and gave them a resounding applause before Collective Soul came out for a final encore. The crowd cheered extra loudly when Roland sang “December.” They ended the evening in the most perfect way by playing their immortal hit “Shine.”

Throughout the night Collective Soul proved once again why they are such a successful band, and why their music will continue to stand the test of time. The band’s musical talent and ability to put on an amazing show make it one concert you won’t want to miss.


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