Colbie Caillat-Review

| September 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Wendy Villalobos

Photo credit: Miles Chrisinger

There is not another performing artist that I can think of that sounds as refreshing and calming as Colbie Calliat. The performance at the Fillmore was nothing short of enjoyable, and her stage presence matched the excitement that could be felt in the audience. Various different age groups were seated on the main floor, and it was a pleasant surprise to be seated next to a group of younger boys who came to the show to listen to the melodious stylings of Ms. Caillat (though no doubt they were actually there to see a pretty face). The show, which was supported by Gavin DeGraw, was a feel-good time with tunes that made people stand up and dance around. Caillat’s set also matched the mood, as there was a beautiful backdrop depicting falling green leaves and highlighted by twinkling blue lights, sunflowers sprouting from her mic at the front of the stage, and giant globe lights hanging from the rafters in the theater.

Colbie Caillat is known for her easy-going vocals and sweet, low-key melodies, and she brought it all to the audience in Denver when she was here. She played “Realize,” one of her first songs from the album Coco, throwing in a mix from her newer ones as well. “I Never Told You” off of Breakthrough followed shortly, putting a spin on the original sound of the song and making it a little livelier and upbeat than fans are accustomed to hearing.

The new version was a great way to understand this California born artist’s personality, just as the audience experienced during “Brighter than the Sun,” one of the bounciest summer songs that Ms. Caillat has produced. The entire show was beautifully pieced together, as the band and the smooth sound of Caillat’s voice meshed well and weaved in and out of the speakers like the tides of the ocean. Caillat truly holds her eternal summer mentality to heart, enveloping her fans with delicious beats, and an overall warm invite into her world. The down-to-earth singer seemed at ease on the stage, and the appeal of her songs surely made those who had come there just for their girlfriends big fans once the show ended. The show concluded with her career starter song “Bubbly,” a song posted on Myspace that became a sensation. Leaving the Fillmore felt like I had just left a relaxing day at the beach, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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