Cobary Jam- Back In Action

| October 1, 2014


Cobary Jam dropped the video for their track “Back In Action”  on September 21 via YouTube. Here are the details on the making of the video, and the band’s upcoming plans.

CMB: Tell us about the process of making the video.

CJ: Making the video was a process of us collecting clips from live performances, candid band moments and abstract ideas, shots we filmed of ourselves at our practice space, and local Denver graffiti being featured throughout. It was DIY and our goal was to show the atmosphere we’re living right now and give people a chance to get to know us while hopefully keeping it entertaining and interesting.

CMB: What are your upcoming plans?

CJ: Our current focus is getting our name out there and letting people know we’re here as an option for them to listen to. We just released our debut self-titled EP and getting the album in stores and available for purchase online has been priority as well as seeking licensing opportunities. We’re in the midst of preparing our first tour for this coming winter and will continue to perform locally leading up to it.

CMB: How does Denver compare to other markets you’ve been through?

CJ: Denver has a hunger for art and music unlike any other! It has a lot of avenues of local support for artists (i.e. Colorado Music Buzz 😉 and sweet venues that have always treated us well. Local radio shows are regularly throwing our songs in the mix and we’ve found the music, art and clothing stores to be super receptive and helpful to us in getting our merchandise on shelves and promotion. On top of it’s love to take care of it’s own, Denver is booming culturally bringing new, creative vibes to the city.

CMB: Where can we find your music online?

CJ: Our songs are available as singles and as a complete album via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and many more, those being the main players. We’re on Soundcloud and Youtube and there are also a few online podcasts carrying our music such as RadioFlote.

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