Chris Daniels is going to the 2013 Grammy Awards!

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by Torch

Chris Daniels is a co-songwriter and a featured soloist on Jumping Jazz Kids. The album is nominated for the Children’s Album of the Year.

CMB: How did you get started in this type of project?

CD: I have known and worked with Mark Oblinger for years. We worked together on the Spark album, and the Better Days album. I first sang children’s songs for him back in the 1990s.

CMB: What do you think makes Jumping Jazz Kids stand out?

CD: Two things: one, the guest soloist Al Jarreau, and Dee Dee Bridgewater, Hubert Laws, and myself brought internationally recognized jazz performers to the music; two, Mark Oblinger’s vision for doing something more than “The Wheels on the bus go Round and Round” for children, and the combination of a great story and great songwriting. I don’t say that often.

CMB: What do you think kids will take away from this music?

CD: Kids like to sing these songs, and what they get is their first introduction to jazz as most kids get their first experience with “Peter and Wolf” with classical music.

CMB: Why do you think it is important for Colorado?

CD: I think we tend to think of Colorado Grammy nominees as the Fray and the Lumineers in the field of rock, but what is exciting about Colorado Music is the people that have won the most music are much more diverse, like Tom Wasinger, who has won three Grammys for producing records; Airshow Mastering, who have won Grammys for their efforts in that field, and Dianne Reeves who has won multiple Jazz Grammys.

CMB: What will you be doing at the Grammys?

CD: The Grammy awards will be held on February 10, 2013, and we will be performing “Jumping Jazz” for kids at the Grammy Museum on Friday, Feb 8, and Saturday, February 9, and attending the award show.

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