Chris Daniels and The Kings- Funky to the Bone

| February 1, 2015

smith package

by Jennifer Marriott

Hot Damn! This album is great! If you are ready to dance your butt off, this is the album to buy. One track “Dance, Dance, Dance” is an old Freddi Henchi Band tune revived again by Chris and Freddi, along with the title track “Funky to the Bone”. There are so many great songs on this album it is hard to separate them. The track “Joy” will have you singing along, and days after you will still be singing it, as it sticks to the roof of your mouth like sweet yummy peanut butter. It is rare to find an album that you could put on at a party and let it run all night. There’s not a clunker in the mix. It’s Funk, it’s fun, it’s fan-effing-tastic! If you were to compare it to something try “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, or St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Way to go Daniels! You’ve blown our minds again with your lyrics, horns, humor, and soulful vocal stylings! Check out the CD release party at Herman’s Hideaway on Valentines Day along with the lovely Miss Hazel Miller.  And if you are feeling the funk, they are trying to release it on vinyl too so, check out the album kickstarter video at

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