Cher – Life After Love

| February 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

By Tim Wenger

The worst song of all time is “Life After Love” by Cher. Not only does

this song represent everything that is wrong with popular music,Cher

is the ugliest person to ever live and I can’t help but think of her

disgustingly grotesque face as the song assf*#ks my ears.

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  1. henna says:

    No one cares what you think tim woteva, whoever u r!!!! cher is beautiful and ur the ugly one!!! there will be many more little losers like u but there will never again be another CHER!!! Legend, icon…the VOICE!!!

  2. Another Daniel says:

    I’ve always thought Cher was very attractive, not just now but also when she was very young with her bigger nose. Good looks are about the ideal that mankind has set as what everyone should look like or be tortured, stoned and killed. Attraction is not just the exterior but also the peace, happiness and kindness that Cher has inside of her.

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