Catching Up With Tyler Stanfield

| August 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

by Tim Wenger


Tyler Stanfield has been making quite a name for himself as a solo artist following a stint with Lost Point, not only in Denver but down south as well. Colorado Music Buzz caught up with him and got the word on what’s hot in his world and how he goes about his song writing.


CMB: How do you keep up the energy at a solo show without anyone else up there with you?

TS: There is a raw beauty to a song broken down to its bare bones. It’s a different kind of energy you create at an acoustic performance.  So I try and interact with the crowd and engage them as much as possible. 


CMB: Seems like you spend a lot of time traveling by yourself. What do you do to pass the time? Are you generally flying or driving?

TS: I do travel a lot, flying mainly. I enjoy it. It allows me to see things differently. Lately the easiest place for me to write is in the air.  I just put on the Bose noise cancellation headphones to drown out the crying baby a couple rows back, have a whiskey ginger and focus on the music.  


CMB: Do you find it is easier or more stressful to progress a musical career now as a solo artist, or during your time with Lost Point?

TS: Not a lot of people know this, but I actually came out with my first album “This Place” before I was asked to join LP.  Things were going well for us at the time so I kind of put my solo stuff on the back burner. It has been great to get back to writing and performing my stuff again.  It is much easier to get things done with a solo career, but nothing compares to a full band show. I have been very lucky with the opportunities that have been presented to me, so I have put together a band with some great musicians and I’m excited to get back up on the big stages again. The Taste of Colorado will be our first show and I couldn’t be happier.


CMB: What is some good advice that has been given to you?

TS: Stay true to yourself, and your music.

And also never make bacon naked.


CMB: Breakfast King or Denver Diner?

TS: You buying?


CMB: What is your opinion on Avril Lavigne?

TS: She found something that worked for her and went with it.


CMB: What are you channeling these days when writing material?

TS: Life gives us so much to write about. Everything from the knife that was so delicately placed in your back, to the intense love you have with someone that you would do anything for. I feel the best songs are the ones that come out naturally and you don’t have to force. 


CMB: What type of songs seem to get the best reaction from the crowd during a solo set?

TS: People like when you are honest on stage. If you are performing with all you have they can feel that. I like to do a lot of instrumentals on the guitar too. They seem to like that.


CMB: Where can we find your music and tour dates online?






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  1. Lilly Merklinger says:

    Tyler is an amazing performer and singer. His music
    us do genuine and really holds to the heart love him

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