BuzzPreneur of the Month: Michael Haskins of Haskins Law Group

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by Angela Kerr

I had the opportunity to meet Michael Haskins from Haskins Law Group back in July and found before me a well-spoken and passionate young attorney who has been developing his entertainment law practice in Denver since 2007. Haskins shared many of his sentiments on practicing law and on the music business. I appreciated his collaborative approach to his business as he does not consider himself a last resort – but a significant member of the team of people required in creating a viable music business model. Confident and powerful in presence, Haskins is well networked in his field.  What follows is a brief introduction:

CMB: Why did you decide to practice entertainment law?

Haskins: Entertainment law is one of those fields that sound fun and exciting, but I never planned to do it. However, I was approached by a business client with an entertainment question. I confessed my ignorance, but he insisted I help him anyway because of our relationship. I consulted with a number of attorneys, local and nationally, and it became clear that we needed more people in this field who were accessible to the people in the business. I decided to take it on and I quickly discovered that it really is fun and exciting, despite how hard it is.

CMB: What is your legal specialty?

Haskins: There are rules with regard to holding yourself as a specialist in a particular field of law. I don’t hold myself as a specialist. We represent people all over the creative economy industry, but the bulk of our entertainment law work comes from film, television and new media (websites and video games) clients. Our clients include production companies, producers, individual projects and people who just want some help. We really make it our mission to come up with creative but practical solutions to resolve problems between parties and we’ve developed a great reputation for it.

CMB: What other locations and staff could be accessed?

Haskins: HLG is principally located in Denver, CO. We also have people in Los Angeles and great relationships with people in other firms in other locales.

CMB: How do you like people to approach you – most efficient?

Haskins: I’m an email fiend. The best way to get me is through email. It helps me compose my thoughts and record the conversation. That said, I respond in order of priority to texts, phone calls and emails. 

CMB: What is the process by which they can contract you for help?

Haskins: Send an email to Let me know if there is any adverse party, name them all if there is, and generally what’s happening. We’ll have some follow-up conversation and, if there are no conflicts, we’ll put together an engagement letter describing what I’m to do for you and what I need from you, and then we’ll get started.

CMB:  What is the most important thing you would like people to know about entertainment law?

Haskins:  Everyone is used to the doom and gloom approach of why you need to have an attorney. Everyone’s heard stories of someone else losing it all. That is absolutely a reason, but bringing an entertainment lawyer onto your team provides more benefits than just preventing worst case scenarios. Entertainment law is a hybrid of a bunch of other areas of law. Contracts, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Securities and so on all come together to accomplish something amazing. It’s not rocket science or anything to be scared of though. It’s very accessible if you take the time. Once you understand that, your lawyers can stop being viewed as a cost but rather a resource to help you maximize your potential benefits in any project.

CMB: Are you held on retainer or just case by case?

Haskins: Always case by case. I have hourly rates, flat project fees or ongoing representation agreements available.

Michael Haskins will be presenting “Building your Artrepreneurial LIFT Team” (Legal – Insurance –Finance – Tax) at the Own it Music Mastermind Series on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at CREATE MSU Denver.  Anyone serious about kicking their business up a notch won’t miss it! Registration opens September 11, 2014 – visit:

For more information, contact:

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