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by Angela Kerr and Chelsea Schraeder

Originally from a small farm town in eastern Colorado, Mike Blecha is now based out of Denver, where he has his finger on the pulse of the local scene.  Mike has been in the music industry his entire adult life, originally in high school, when he joined with other local musicians to form the band, ‘Synthetic Elements,’ which eventually become a leader among bands in the Denver area playing over 600 shows throughout the United States and Asia.

After graduating high school and attending a year of college, Mike moved up through a variety of music-based professions including sound engineering, concert production, talent buying and marketing for festivals and venues. He let no grass grow under his feet.

I first met Mike when he sponsored the OWN IT 2013 free concert for students at the Auraria campus. At that time, he sponsored the Rolling Thunder stage which allowed five local bands the opportunity to be highlighted at the Metropolitan University of Denver.  Mike’s unrelenting attention to detail and quality orientation caused me to follow his pursuits and ask that he support the Own It Music MasterMind Series currently being introduced at CREATE MSU Denver which kicks off on March 4, 2014.  Mike will be presenting on: How to Truly Make it In the Music Business.

 Mike is a founder of two companies. Kinnon Entertainment offers event production and management for a multitude of markets. His participation includes events like Keggs & Eggs and KYGO New Music Showcase. Kinnon Control is a smartphone app company that specializes in control and automation for large commercial audio and visual systems. Mike is co-founder of a third, his newest venture, Kinnon Artist Management which is a management, booking, and promotion company; featuring local, regional, and national acts which include Paula Nelson, daughter of Willie Nelson, and Lola Black. Additionally, Mike has just landed the National Talent Buying contract for the Buffalo Rose in Golden.

Mike’s passion for music has always been apparent, and his dedication to the industry is a testament to this. In addition to his time devoted to his business ventures, Mike is a committed father to his son, Kinnon, the namesake for his success. He has also co-owned a barber shop which offered space for live performances from local musicians.

Mike never lets an opportunity pass him by, is always willing to take a risk to pursue an idea that he feels could further his career. Through his pursuits, he has gained an extensive working knowledge of the national industry. In addition to expanding his companies and watching his son grow. His passion for music, and furthering the industry, has led him to partner and collaborate with others in their pursuit of a career in the ever-growing field of entertainment.

In his free time Mike also enjoys cooking and traveling to new places with his son. When asking Mike about his future plans, he states:“I would like to own a breakfast and deli and have a radio show. I would also enjoy being a pianist at a dueling piano bar or the lobby of a hotel.”

For those of you who don’t think Mike could add another thing to his very busy schedule….just watch him do it.

You can find Mike at:  or Contact his new Administrative Manager, Chelsea Schraeder at:


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