Bonfire Tavern- True Southern Style

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by Angela Kerr

A neighborhood tavern unites communities providing the “place” where locals can gather for good conversation,   great food and fun.  The Bonfire Tavern, purchased by Carrie and Sonny Hoffman in November of 2012 is no exception. Managing and running bars for over 40 years, Carrie began her career at age 18 in Atlanta Georgia.  She is no stranger to other walks of life, including construction where she remodeled Marriot Hotels. In addition, she and her husband own and operate a sprinkler company.  Carrie notes:  “I’ve done a bit of everything.” Moving to Colorado for a fresh start, Carrie met her husband 11 years ago, stating: “I’ve always wanted to come out west. I still love my home – my family is back there, but I love Colorado and I brought my daughter with me.”

When asking Carrie why she chose the Bonfire, she shared: “We had been looking for a location for over four years.  “When we walked into the Bonfire, we could see it needed a lot of work, but it had many of the amenities that we were looking for.  It is real “homey” in that it has a fireplace, a fish tank, a nice size bar, pool room – which we also expanded to include darts, we have a stage for live bands to play, and a large dance floor. It has a little bit of everything.”

With her business just celebrating its one year anniversary, Carrie explained “There was a great deal of challenge and transition in the beginning.” First, they spent two months cleaning and redecorating. Then it was a process of getting the word out to the neighborhood that there was new ownership and a fresh new environment that welcomed all with excellent conduct. “We have a lot of fun here and great clients,” Carrie communicates exuberantly. People found out very quickly that this was not a place to come if you were looking for trouble. Our regulars want to come in, have a good time, enjoy our delicious food and listen to good music; we entertain our neighbors here. I love what the Bonfire has turned into. Everyone knows everyone; it is like a little Cheers. There is always something to do!”

Carrie and Sonny love sports, and the neighborhood joins them for televised sports events and Southern Style food.  Carrie runs both the front and the back of the house as well as influences the menu.  She smiles as she says “Our food is awesome; everything is made from scratch.” Carrie goes on to tell me that it took her four years to perfect her first Louisiana Medium Sauce. The Bonfire touts several BBQ sauces which are also made on location. They smoke all their pork and wings and as Carrie put it: “We have created specialty sandwiches to die for.” They have recently added ribs to their menu which have been received quite favorably by their clientele. The ribs are served with an original Blueberry spicy BBQ sauce which kicks. The sweet coleslaw is also southern style and the beans are complimented with pulled pork, spices, brown sugar and molasses. Her recipes are held true as Sonny is in the kitchen and all staff is trained to follow her instructions to the T.

Carrie and Sonny also host Poker, Darts, Pool, Trivia and Karaoke.  When asking Carrie about the bands she highlights her response was: “We do country and rock and roll. We look for bands that understand partnership with our venue because we are in it together for it to be a win/win.”

So…looking for the best BBQ and Hot wings in Lakewood?  Find the Bonfire Tavern @ Wadsworth and Jewell.


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