Aspen Hourglass- Unreleased Acoustic Goodness

| November 1, 2014


Aspen Hourglass just dropped the video of unreleased acoustic material, and as is our custom with these guys, we decided to let front man Grayson Erhard talk us through the entertaining (and sometimes sketchy) process that led to it.

CMB: Tell us about the process of making the video.

GE: We got randomly asked by this global underground music community through Facebook to perform for them in exchange for a video. We weren’t allowed to tell anyone and it was actually kind of sketchy! We showed up to find an incredibly receptive crowd, one of our good buddies John Runnels of Morning Bear, and an experience we’ll never forget!

CMB: What are your fall/winter plans?

GE: We are taking some time off to write, record, and focus our efforts towards online promotion.

CMB: What is your place in the Denver music scene?

GE: We don’t feel like we fit in to be honest. . . but to answer your question: we’re super focused on the development of the artistic community and playing music that we find unique. Of course, we hope everyone else thinks it’s unique! I would say all of us are more music fans than musicians because we see more shows than we play!  

CMB: Where can we find your music online?


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