American Power Metal on the Rise: Vacant Throne opens for Sabaton

| February 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Axe
Power metal is a genre notably dominated by non-USA artists and fanbases, although American acts like Iced Earth, Kamelot, and Symphony X are at the top of their game, and household names internationally. Whereas acts like Blind Guardian might garner thousands of times more attention from international audiences than they do in the states, that doesn’t stop them from visiting their fans on this side of the pond, and Denver is a staple. Last June saw a tour by classic Italian group Rhapsody, for which locals Vacant Throne opened, and this month, Vacant Throne are honored to perform with another major player, Sweden’s Sabaton.

Vacant Throne debuted in early 2011, and haven’t slowed for a moment. They’ve already released an album about the genocide of the Aztecs, Fall of the Feathered King, and are hard at work on a two-disc Arthurian-themed follow-up. They’ve earned dedicated followers around Denver with theatrically ornate shows, and were recently confirmed for June’s Warriors of Metal Fest in Ohio; an outdoor, underground metal festival.

Writer/lead guitarist Josh Mortensen cares deeply about Vacant Throne’s role in the intensifying American scene, and the group makes strides to collaborate with other underground artists (notably the unique Disforia, who will also open for Sabaton on their side of the hill in Utah). “Last year saw the release of many albums by relatively unknown US power metal bands like Judicator, Omega Reign, Phantom-X, and Axehammer,” Mortensen declares. “If only power metal fans would hear about these bands, they could be standing alongside the famous European bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray, Sabaton, and Hammerfall…. It doesn’t take long for a US power metal band to shoot through the roof. Look at Florida’s Seven Kingdoms, who recently toured with Blind Guardian and just now landed the opening act for Finland’s Stratovarius on their European tour.”

Mortensen and Vacant Throne walk their talk, passionately networking with bands nationwide and taking strides to positively represent the American power metal community. It is this ambitiousness that has landed them gigs with well-established touring acts twice already, and their excellent writing and electrifying riffs defnitely don’t hurt. Denver has been earning notice in the metal universe for years, and with more and more solid contenders like Vacant Throne emerging along the Front Range, there’s no limit to the potential for local artists to join the ranks of the greats on international radar.

Everywhere, the new uprising of American power metal is reflecting well on its traditional and power metal ancestry, producing more amazing projects every year. Vacant Throne consistently deliver a great concert experience, like the legends before them, and with Denver being the final night of Sabaton’s American tour, they can likewise be expected to go all out for the fans. Catch them February 16 at Moe’s Original BBQ in Englewood, 3295 S. Broadway, near the Gothic. Presales are $15 at, or if you’d rather live dangerously and risk the show selling out, $18 at the door.

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