Allout Helter- Ruins

| August 1, 2015

Allout Helter - Ruins Cover Art

by Tim Wenger

So many bands grow soft with age. Not Allout Helter. The five-piece Denver thrash outfit droppep a new six-song EP entitled Ruins that is Denver’s hardest hitting release of 2015. The biggest difference I have been able to decipher, from a critiquing view, between most other evolutions of punk rock and the thrash variety is the ability to use the term ‘ripping.’ Just listen to Helter’s track “Manufactured Distraction.” Our fair city has seldom seen ripping guitar leads hit in the way they do on this track. What I have noticed with these guys is when front man Ross Hostage gets super intrinsic with his lyrics, the ‘ripping’ follows suit. As Hostage calls bullshit on indoctrinations as old as religion and the modeling inequality and use of resources in the collapse of societies, I delight in the fact that social commentary rarely cuts as deep, in the heart as well as the ears, as it does on this record.



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