Adestria and Casino Madrid

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by Max Giffin

Adestria and Casino Madrid have been touring together for years as some of San Diego, California’s most beloved local post hardcore bands. Their most recent tour, passing through Denver on August 24, was announced to be their last together. While both of the bands are from the west coast, their music has reached the ears of people across the country and in Colorado; Denver fans were delighted to come out for a show.

Adestria plays more of a traditional and instrumental strain of post hardcore. The band’s full-length CD, Chapters, highlights the band’s growth and development since being signed to Artery Records. For the first time, Adestria chose to blend in some clean vocals to accompany and highlight Matt Anderson’s powerful screams. While Adestria focuses less on synth then Casino Madrid, they do have a keyboardist, Mikey Colasardo, whose keys give the music a smooth and beautiful sound. Without a doubt, Chapters illustrates the band’s abundant musical talent in full.

On this particular tour, guitarist Brian Stump, had the misfortune of having a broken arm. To keep the band’s sound full and vibrant, Adestria recorded guitar tracks to play with their set. Denver was the first date where the band was able to try out this tactic, and the sound was so clean it was impossible to tell that portions of it were backtracks. Russell Klein, also a guitarist, picked up the slack in playing his best and tearing up the stage.

Casino Madrid played shortly after Adestria. The band has a more electronic sound, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t heavy. Casino Madrid had a captivating stage presence, and instantly demanded the attention of everyone in the room. From the moment they started playing, there was constant head banging and fans belting out lyrics. Well, almost constant–towards the end of their set, Casino’s sound cut out. The technical difficulties didn’t faze the crowd though. After the sound initially faltered, the audience started yelling, “You guys are just too good, the sound system couldn’t take it,” and “too much awesome for the stage to handle!” After things got up and running, Casino Madrid played fan favorite, “4:42 Reminds me of You.” After kicking back into gear, they finished strongly and cleared the stage so that headliner Our Last Night could go on.

The turn out was notably larger than the last time Casino Madrid played Denver on January 31. Adestria, too, is pulling a high number of kids, as opposed to last August when they played on the Summer Partery Tour, and had an audience of about six. The growth both bands are experiencing is invigorating, and shows the talent that they hold. The two bands are living up to the San Diego standard for producing incredible post-hardcore and metal bands.

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