Abi Robins-One Woman Wonder

| February 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Wendy Villalobos

In recent years, Denver has become a city to watch when it comes to hot, and young new artists springing out of virtually nowhere, to become mainstream wonders across the nation. In other words, Denver knows what’s up, and people are taking notice. Though there are many young musicians out there with the same drive and goals, many do not work themselves to death (almost literally), like Abi Robins. Robins moved to Denver only three years ago, and has already started to create a buzz. Grabbing spots in the Denver Post’s Underground Music Festival, and playing various music hot-spots all around the 303, Robins has proven to be a thriving, and possibly exhausted (in the greatest way possible), musician.

Although it’s been three years since her last album, Robins’ new CD, Such a Mess, was worth the wait. “My song writing process hasn’t changed, but I have. We are never the same; and it’s so great, yet awesomely scary.” The experiences that Robins has gone through have helped shape the album, from the art on the front, to the theme of the songs. “This is my life. I’m young, and it’s ok, and I’m going to get through things. I wanted to write songs that spoke about that those same topics on a universal level, because we all are such a mess sometimes.”

While she wrote the album, she was able to have her grandmother’s art studio in Arkansas all to herself and become inspired. Her grandmother, who is a gifted artist, had many pieces of art out, and being surrounded and submerged in that world created an “energy” says Robins. “Any art has a lot of power,” and indeed that phrase is true on all accounts.

Robins is currently busy getting ready for an album release party on February 27, as well as a Mid-Western tour spanning three weeks after the release party. She will also be participating in SXSW in Austin on this trip, an exciting and fantastic opportunity for exposure. Robins also has a Band Camp where new and old fans alike can find a merch store, pre-order a digital copy of the song, and more. For now, Robins has a lot on her plate and is ready for the adventure, and this is simply the beginning. Who knows, she may be inspired to write a new album on her upcoming journey. Until then, I’ll be out in front of the Hi-Dive on February 27, jamming out to some sweet beats.

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