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by Corey Blecha

About four years ago, as a young music aficionado and student here in Denver, I was fortunate enough to meet Jason Schlosky–better known around the EDM scene as Vanish–through a contest that his upstart record label, Velcro City Records, was putting on for local producers. He was friendly, and very informative, always willing to teach a lesson. I realized quickly, even as a young and inexperienced music business enthusiast, that he was on the right path to making a difference in the Denver music scene. Four years later, VCR is doing just that, pushing fresh, original sounds to the masses from right here in the Mile High City! I decided it was time to catch up and see how things have changed over the years, as well as to see what he has up his sleeve for the future.

CMB: Why did you start VCR and what is your mission? 

VCR: Initially, it was to put out our own music, but it grew rather quickly as we started helping out other artists, friends, and the like. The main mission was to release music that we like regardless of perceived popularity. We wanted to have songs that had the staying power as true music, rather than the pop hits that fade in a matter of weeks. You can scour the catalog and find hundreds of originals and remixes that, to this day, sound current and fresh. We also didn’t want to chase trends, but rather stay true to music that had originality, and artists that were humble, talented, and fun to work with.  


CMB: Who is involved behind the scenes, as well as on the decks? 

VCR: The main guy is me, Jason “Vanish” Schlosky, who runs the day-to-day operations, but we have a bunch of friends that help with artwork, promotions, events, and distribution. On the decks we have plenty of the VCR family rep-ing the name and showing support. 


CMB: Any special releases or shows to commemorate the anniversary? 

VCR: We did a special free release to celebrate the four-year anniversary, featuring eight new and unreleased originals by Galactik Knights, Vanish, The Supreme Action League12 Inch Plastic ToysLefo XMaddayDT Tactics, and Juginz. You can check it out at:

Also, we uploaded the release to Spotify and all the other retailers to allow anyone to stream or download it [in case they] missed it. 

CMB: Where do you see VCR headed in the next four years?

VCR: Wow. I really didn’t see it turning out as big as it is, but I believe that with the mainstream appeal of dance music in the U.S., and the flood of people willing to search for quality music around the world, we may just have a shot at turning this dream into a full-fledged enterprise! 

CMB: Shout outs?

VCR: Amazing releases are on the horizon, including a five-track EP by Lefo X of Greece, with many vocal collaborators, and our biggest release to date coming out this summer by Oh Shit! and Galactik Knights with loads of top-notch remixes. Special thanks to my wife, Lacey, for being the most understanding woman I have ever met; and to my brother, for his undying support, and my family. Also, special props goes to the artists that helped build VCR and to the newest members for having faith in us!

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