Liver Down The River

| August 1, 2015


by Dana Mastrangelo

Few bands’ represent the rebellious yet refined culture of the Colorado grass stompin’ scene as perfectly as Liver Down the River. After hearing Liver’s energetic, encompassing sound you’ll be surprised to hear the Durango native group consists of only six members. Formed first during college campus jam sessions in 2012 that lit a spark, Liver proudly released their first EP on June 30th, 2015, titled Liver Down The River EP. The five featured tracks show how Liver’s sound has evolved throughout the years to collect and reflect their wide range of musical inspirations. With a huge diversity in influences (i.e. String Cheese Incident to Wild Cherry), Liver’s sound compounds countless subgenres of bluegrass, has basslines inherent to funk, and even stems from Irish influence-exercised in the solely instrumental fourth track, titled “Irish”.

With a theatrical female and male vocalist duo, their reckless but thoughtful lyrics drive the music as passionately as their mandolin and banjo. “I’m Coming Home” features the lyrics “I wake up in the morning and I tell you what I need, a line of cocaine and a shot of whiskey.” Liver’s sound is classic and dynamic, not only their experimental syncopation setting them apart from other modern bluegrass groups, but as well as their uncommon use of a drummer within the bluegrass genre. With a youthful excellence combined with a group of musicians talented far beyond their years, latch on to the opportunity of seeing Liver Down the River live.


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