The Knew Drop “Knew” 7 Inch

| June 1, 2015
The Knew just dropped a new 7 inch, the latest push from these Denver indie rock veterans. Pick it up at Here is the story of the recording, and the band’s summer plans.
CMB: What is your take on 7 inch records as opposed to other forms of media for releasing your music? 
TB: We love vinyl, but the the vinyl machine is weird weird weird.  Having a tangible good will always trump a digital format for me, but what was once a medium of the people, vinyl has now become something super tough to release music on.  Its expensive, and for the little guys like us order a thousand records, we are always gonna be pushed back in the queue when Jack White feels the need to release 20,000 double-gate-fold-hollogram 180 gram LPs.  Cuz its from a seemingly finite source, vinyl brecomes that much more sacred, but that much more scarce.  
CMB: Did the recent revival of vinyl stimulate the idea to release this?
TB: For me, playing music was always just about playing music, but I knew growing up getting a van and getting vinyl was gonna some how legitimize playing 3 minute fast-tempo tunes.  Ha.  Not sure if it has, but I love vinyl and vans.   The last 4 TK releases have all been on vinyl, so I guess it depends on how recent of a vinyl revival we are talking.  When we put out vinyls in 2010, turn around was a couple months.  Now its 8 months.  There are not a lot of pressing plants and they are all running 24/7, so they are busting their ass.  
CMB: How about your thoughts on the Denver rock scene as a whole? Are we looking better or worse than we were five years ago?
TB: Ah man. There are so many different aspects of the Denver rock scene.  I can’t really speak to lots of different rock scenes in town – so I won’t.  I wish I could though.  I know there are some rippers all over town that I will never have the pleasure to see.  However, somebody is seeing them, I gotta believe that.  People are less chatty at shows then they were a while ago, and really want the bands to do well – complimentary competition, perhaps.  That’s good to see.   That and vulnerability goes a long way at a rock show and I am always happy to see people losing their shit at a show and people being more than ok with it.  Some venues/bands/scenes are better at it than others – but the more tolerant folks know how to go nuts and be respectful of another.  So if anything, the scene is more inclusive now.  However, im sure somebody with a different perspective full of piss and vinegar out there thinks the exact opposite. And I hope that person and their band rips hard and I see ’em soon.   
CMB: You guys have tour dates posted on your Facebook through early June, what’s happening after that?
TB: We are going to play some benefit shows in town this Summer, the UMS, head to Alaska for some shows and then we are releasing our LP Schmew in September and will hit the road after that.  
CMB: In the digital world, where is the best place to check out the tunes?
here is our latest music vid:
here is our new 7” available through Greater Than Collective:

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