ReverbNation Featured Artists of the Month- April

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ReverbNation Featured Artists of the Month give five independent acts that have not previously been featured in Colorado Music Buzz the opportunity to get on our radar, get their bio in the magazine, and get their tracks played on Music Buzz LIVE Radio on Wednesday evenings. The artists are selected through submissions made via their ReverbNation pages.

DSC00105Bishop Mane

Bishop Mane is one of the hardest working artist I’ve seen since joining and becoming Vice President of Izomnia Ent Bishop Mane has been grinding heavy to create a buzz in Colorado before he takes on the world. This guys level of motivation to become the top artist reflects in his music and hustle setting out to always please the people who loves him (fans).Bishop Mane has recorded over 30 songs since February with his leading single “Diva” Featuring Fred Nice and Kali the young 23 year old definitely has big plans for the music scene and I definitely feel is going to be the next big thing to hit the industry.


abeytaforwebBranden Abeyta

Branden Abeyta (born July 29, 1985) is a singer/song writer/performer. He has won 4 prestige’s awards including the 2009 USA Songwriting Competition Honorable Mention for his song “Hypnotized” in the rap genre, the 2011 USA Songwriting Competition Finalist Award for Best Original Song “Spread My Wings & Fly”, the 2012 USA Songwriting Competition Finalist Award for Original Song Of The Year “Hands Up”, however his most reputable award includes the 2010 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Place Award in the r&b genre for his song “Retail”. Abeyta was born in the rugged neighborhood of Commerce City, Colorado known for its high crime rates and heavy drug use in the 80’s, but Branden seemed to overcome all obstacles with the help of his loving parents, sibling and music. Branden Abeyta has been very passionate about his art and has captured the attention of the music scene and made love to the hearts of music enthusiasts throughout the art of entertainment. “I’ve been writing music since I was 13 years old and always had a passion for the art, but I didn’t know I had the voice I possess today until about 2 years ago and ever since then I’ve been writing more r&b/pop songs singing my heart out for people who relate to music”. Indeed his spark and passion ignite the stage every time he performs showcasing his stage presence and talent as an entertainer. Branden Abeyta, unique, intelligent, motivating and passionate about his art will continue to be known and heard throughout the music scene.


truTru Tecknique

Originally from San Diego California, currently living in Boulder Colorado. Never knew my father because he tried to kill my mom when I was 2 he went to prison. Grew up fighting with my step father, when I started winning the fights I was no longer welcome in that home and so  I was on my own at age of 15,  I learned a lot about myself in those years when I had noone to count on. spent some cold nights alone in the snow before I started selling drugs to generate some form of income and worth. Was a rough time, but the life lessons that generated from this harsh reality were priceless. during this time I was able to express myself  through my freestyles.  Which I did  for a very long time before I started writing. I think it helped me develop a unique style. The Grifter and I started making music to see where it would take us tho it wasn’t until ESP showed interest That I took it to the Next level. Since then I have been at this dream relentlessly. I have been growing with every show and every song.


RootsRhythmRoots & Rhythm

Roots & Rhythm has done some big projects lately working with Todd Edmunds  (of the Tel Arc Artist Otis Taylor band) on tuba, JD Kelley on  trombone, Rod Buckner (Buckner Funken Jazz) on trumpet and Mikey Smith on organ for a big New Orleans project. This was filmed and featured at the recent Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Pimps of Joytime after party. Roots & Rhythm is also a featured band of the Blue Roots Denver Blues & Jazz feature film to be shown in 5 screenings for the 2014 Five Points Jazz Festival Film Series. These screenings will feature Roots & Rhythm performing live before a screening at the prestigious McNichols Civic Center Building in downtown Denver. Roots & Rhythm really started making their mark when given the opportunity to be featured on Momma Kat’s Show for a 2 hour special on Roots & Rhythm and their original music.  We also played her last show on KUVO 89.3 as a live performance and live broadcast which was also filmed for the Blue Roots Denver Blues & Jazz feature film.


MWLfetishMy Wooden LEG

Hailing from Romania, MY Wooden LEG blends Balkan rhythms and Gypsy melodies with the old world sounds of a traveling circus band, c.1920-1935.

From military marches to dark tangos, turbo-folk to polka punk, MY Wooden LEG inspires a strange, new dance. Black-labeled for prying at the public and contra-banded for conspiring with clowns, MWL has been deported.

Do you not…

Question the motives of those with the burden of power? Subjugate others to these questions? Raise suspicion? You should.

In 2011:

MWL released its first E.P. A Circus and landed the title track in both the Rock Band video game, and William Kaufman’s action blockbuster, Sinners & Saints. A Circus Nominated for Album of the Year by the Fort Worth WeeklyNominated for “Best New Artist” by the Fort Worth Weekly.

In 2012:

MWL released The Jealous Disco and was awarded a Dallas Observer Music Award for the best “None of the Above” category.

Currently: The Jealous Disco nominated for album of the year by Booked Promotions blog. MWL is licensing music to companies like GQ, Bravo Network and performing at burlesque halls in Denver, Colorado as well as opening up for touring acts like Balkan Beat Box, Beats Antique, and Gogol Bordello.MY Wooden LEG is Michael Maftean blending Balkan rhythms, Gypsy melodies, and hard rock with electronica samples.




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